02 November 2014

Dream Dots For Spots

Dream Dots
Hello! I struggle with my spots a lot they appear over night out of nowhere usually around my chin and I also suffer on my chest and back so when I seen Dream Dots I was instantly interested! Dream Dots state you should use these small patches for over 3-4 nights on your spot, when applied overnight the Dream Dot helps heal your pore and helps recover and heal your skin without scarring! They are even Animal Friendly so don't test on animals which is something that will usually always sell me!
I had to try them!

The Dream Dots come in tiny circle patches perfect for them small spots on your face and you can get them in sets of 24 or 48 which should last you a while! The box also contains a small leaflet with a lot of information about How spots form, How to apply to Dream Dots and How Dream Dots work so you know what your using and exactly how it's helping! I found the Dream Dots relatively easy to apply to my skin and get off, it never pulled at my skin or hurt pealing it off! The great thing about Dream Dots is you can use them on any skin type as it is a none drying way to help calm, clear and heal your spots which I really liked as I have very oily skin and struggle getting good spot treatments. I wanted to use these on my chin where I struggle most of course over the 3 days of using these small patches I got more spots around my skin but the decrease in redness and my spot using the Dream Dots did shock me. Not only was the patch nearly completely invisible on my skin (So if you wanted to you could probably use these in the day instead) but the results where really good!
Dream Dots before and after

I found after my 1st day my spot had actually gotten worse! A white head had appeared and I looked as if another spot had actually appeared over night right next to it! I wasn't too convinced at this point they worked I was disappointed but on to my 3rd day they look practically invisible! The redness is gone and I know if I cover it with makeup it won't even be seen! The only thing I would say is that it says the centre of the patch should turn white over night visibly showing you the patch is working but this didn't happen for me at all the patch stayed the same colour all night! 
These are perfect even if your going away over the weekend and you have them cheeky spots that appear, you don't have to take big face washes especially for spots or creams etc just take a few small patches which take up no room in your bag and your good to go! I would definitely use these if I see a spot appear through the week and I have an event/party at the weekend! 

You can buy Dream Dots here!

Have you ever tried Dream Dots?
Dream Dots where sent to me for review, all views and opinions are my own.


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