26 October 2014

Sleek Au Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek au natural eye shadow palette real techniques eye shadow brush
Hello! For the last 2 months I have been using the Sleek AU NATURAL 601 Mineral Based Palette and with 12 natural to dark colours to choose from I was excited to use it!! I got this from Superdrug for £7.99 and have loved it! I love the compact case it comes in, it isn't huge and also has quite a big mirror inside which is perfect for if you are on the go! 

The main colours I have been using are The shimmery champagne, Maroon and shimmery brown! These are obviously not the real names for the colours but I don't know them and this is probably the best way I could explain them! You can probably tell from looking at the palette what colors I use most! The palette has four shimmers and eight mattes which I love! When I was shopping for a new palette I wanted one with all matte and this was the closest I could find as most I looked at where all Shimmer! But as time has gone on I barely use the Matte shades and love the Shimmer shades! I think I have just grew to learn how to shade and apply makeup a little better now as when I used to apply Shimmer eye shadow I would look like someone had just thrown silver dust all over my face! 

Sleek au natural eye shadow palette

I don't use the brush that came with the palette as I don't tend to like flat brush's so I use my Real Techniques Delux Crease Brush also the brush that did come with it over extensive use and washing it broke! That is probably the only downside to the palette! I use the Real Techniques brush for every step of my eye shadow because this is the only brush I unfortunately have from Real Techniques for eyes! But this is working brilliant! It picks up the powder really well and doesn't suck most of the powder into the brush which I have found with quite a lot of brush's in the past! (Not from Real Techniques) What I love most about this palette is your eye shadow actually stays on your eyes! I can come home after a 12 hour day and it won't have budged! This is something that has took me a really long time to find from an eye shadow as I have found a lot in the past especially with dark colours they just smudge around your eyes and it's safe to say I look like a panda at the end of my day!! 

Real techniques eye shadow brush

I would definitely recommend anyone who is new to using eye shadow or blending to buy this palette! The price is brilliant and the colours are brilliant to start with as there not too out there should you say! If you want to buy the palette the link is here I would definitely recommend you too!

Have you ever used this palette or any of the Sleek palettes? 


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