06 October 2014

Halloween & Christmas At LUSH

So as we all know it's getting near Halloween AND Christmas and what would a trip to town be without popping into LUSH to see there new stock!
I must say I walked out with a bit of a headache smelling everything in the space of 10-15 minutes and a lovely staff member also showed me the new Wizard Bubble Bar in all its glory! Let's just say I wanted to jump into the sink because it smelt and looked AMAZING!

You can never fault the staff in LUSH Liverpool! They are always so happy and helpful and never make you feel stupid when you ask "Is this a bubble bar or soap!?" :')
I would tell anyone to go there!

I did manage to get pictures of everything to show you the new products!! But not the new soap they have out because that was right next to the till and unfortunately I couldn't buy anything today BUT that doesn't mean when pay day comes I won't be running there! (The next day I went and bought 4 things. Oops!!) 

Wizard Bubble Bar - £3.25

The lady in LUSH showed us the guy above and this is what happened. From only HALF of him! 

The Christmas Hedgehog - £3.25

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar - £3.50
(Purchased and waiting to be used now!)

Lord of Misrule - £3.50

Luxury Lush Pud - £3.50
(Purchased this yesterday and oh my! Mell used it and her bath was a rainbow! And the house smelt AMAZING!)

Snow Angel - £3.95

Magic Wand - £5.25

Drummers Drumming - £5.25

Father Christmas - £3.50
(Used this gem last night! Smells to die for and also has a surprise colour in the middle!)

Cinders - £2.50

Dashing Santa - £2.95

Figs&Leaves Soap - £3.40

Shimmer Dust - £4.75

Snow Fairy Sparkle Shimmer Bar- £4.95

Snow Man Shower Jelly - £3.50

Candy Mountain - £2.75
(Last buy was this, and I don't want to use it purely because I woke up in the middle of last night and could smell it all over the bedroom! It smells so good!!)

And finally the return of the amazing Snow Fairy!!! <3

Are you loving all the new products? Have you bought any yet!?


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