24 October 2014

Halloween Decorating Ideas/Tips!

Hello! With only 1 week till Halloween EEEK!! Everyone is slowly getting the decorations up and getting into the scary mood! I wanted to share with you some of my decorating ideas and tips for your party! Even if you just want to decorate your house to get in the mood that's fine too! Everything I am going to show you was bought from either Poundland or Asda so it was cheap and fun! I apologize for the blurriness of some photos this was last year! I am unfortunately doing nout this year for Halloween! :(

From Poundland I got everything you can see! I loved the skeleton door sheet I couldn't leave that sitting there! On the table I used some grey plastic to cover the top and overed it with fake plastic spiders! The bowl was filled with plenty of sweets for guests to dip into when they came in as I didn't want Halloween without sweets! Even at 18 you need sweets! I also got some balloons because no party is complete without balloons and to add more of a spooky side to them covered them in some fake spider webs! I put these Caution banners on the all doors in the kitchen including the cupboards!

This time last year I did live in student halls so we had a huge notice board in the kitchen! I didn't want to leave it plain as the rest of the kitchen was so decorated it would have looked odd! If you have the same issue with any big piece or furniture or pictures all you need to do is pin or cello tape balloons to the board! Doing the same with some fake spider web straight away it makes it look a lot more spooky! I also bought a Halloween banner I thought it would fit just on the board it was so big it went right to the edge of the window and front door!! 

 In the center of the room was the island now again if you have a table, center piece, a few small tables you can do this! I bought some plastic table covers from Poundland and covered the whole of the island including the legs and covered it with fake spiders that where left from the small table and fake rubber rats! You may want to skip that part if you have a cat!! :')
In the center I placed a punch bowl with a few drinks I had lying around (don't worry they were not old!) And it actually tasted really good!! Just as a drink the guests could have some fun with especially if you want to play any party games like Ring Of Fire!
You can't see but on the island also is a plate with Vodka Brain Jelly! If you have children skip the vodka (unless you wanna be naughty and get a little tipsy!) and I done this by buying a brain mold from Asda I think for £2/3 and some packet jelly for 30p each and filled the mold half way with jelly and half way with vodka! It's safe to say the jelly went down a treat and tasted very yummy!!

Near the window I didn't want the spookyness to stop so I covered the window in Danger signs and balloons so passes by could see and you can't see too well but on the ceiling I cello taped a sign that says BOO :) To kind of break the room down and not make it look like a big space with stuff stuck on it! 

From quite a distance the kitchen looks pretty cool if you ask me! We had a fridge in there that had broken and we were waiting on the repair man to come and take it so to make it look spooky I draped it in cob webs of course you can do this with any object in your house!

My own bedroom got a bit spooky, inside I had sweets, a Halloween cup and these danger signs on my door! I love Halloween it kind of draw's with Christmas as my favourite holiday so as you can imagine for me to do be doing anything this year is a huge blow out! 

As for costume ideas I thought I would pop mine in quickly as I loved mine last year! I really went all out and bought a real wedding dress only for £15/20 from a vintage shop and a fake veil and rose from Poundland, I spray painted the dress with black spray paint and put fake blood over it. For makeup I wanted to be bleeding from my eyes, bloody all around my mouth (from eating people of course I was a zombie bride!) and spray painted my hair with believe it or not Dry Shampoo!! I couldn't find any grey spray paint for my hair at all so this was my 2nd best idea!

I hope this gives some of you ideas for your parties! There not amazing DIY projects but as a student in halls I didn't have a lot of money and this is the best I could do with my kitchen! I had so much fun decorating and trust me even draping cob webs over your TV gives a great spooky effect!!

Are you going to any Halloween parties this year? What are you dressing up as?



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