26 October 2014

Sleek Au Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Sleek au natural eye shadow palette real techniques eye shadow brush

24 October 2014

Halloween Decorating Ideas/Tips!


14 October 2014

REX Liverpool

Hello! You may or may not know I come from Liverpool! The city full of culture, shopping, sight seeing and of course The Beatles! I'm not a huge lover of some of the things in Liverpool but when it comes to Independent Vintage shops on Bold street or the fairly new Independent Card that launched in 2013 I can't help but love the passion these people put into their business! And recently a new shop 'REX Liverpool' opened!
This is Liverpool's first independent Box and Concept store selling products ranging from Art Work, Baby Clothes, Jewellery even coffee! 
The great thing is everything REX sell are from independent retailers offline, a lot of things are unique like the makeup bags or the baby clothes! Amazing quality and something you couldn't get in the likes of Primark across the street! 

One thing that I loved was that they have Liverpool's youngest entrepreneurs selling in there! Angel is an 11 year old girl saving up for Vet school and she makes dog clothes! Safe to say they are adorable!! (Her link below!)The shop is just under Rapid in the city center so quite hidden away but when you know it's there you have to visit! The interior is completely wooden giving the room an amazing smell and a really unique independent look you wouldn't get walking into a well known branded shop! The staff are really happy and friendly and you couldn't fault a thing!
If you are ever in or around Liverpool I think this shop is a definite to visit! Not just for the amazing products inside but to support such an independent shop!
All pictures below were taken by REX Liverpool!

REX Liverpool
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