22 September 2014

Vintage Fashion Haul

River Island Brand New shoes! £4

On the rare occasion I have money I like to go to Car Boot sales! If you don't know what they are they are literally when people go in there cars with a lot of things they want to sell (99% of the time it's all 2nd hand!) and sell it on huge fields! From dresses going for 50p to huge living room mirrors for £2!!
I went this Sunday and got myself quite a few amazing things with only £10!!

Brand New Earrings! £1

Blue Vintage Patterned Skirt! 10p

Wool Winter Skirt! 10p

Personal Favourite of the day, this is so old and you can tell by the wear on the inside! It needs a little wipe over but I love it! £1

Real Leather Purse! £1.50

My nan bought me these a set of 3 scarfs! (I will use for head scarfs) all 3 for £1

Pink Vintage Cardigan! 50p

I visited a little old ladies stand and she had some amazing clothes that I just couldn't leave! I also love how you could tell this lady was maybe 70+ and all her clothes were worn so they were old and had history to them!

Vintage Top! 50p

Obviously this hadn't been bought too long ago as it was Primark but I fell in love with the pattern and had to have it!! 50p

Vintage Brown Top! (Sadly missing 1 button) 50p

And Last but not least from this cute little old lady this skirt ( I have no clip hangers so had to put this on a normal hanger sorry! ) I fell in love with the pattern. I don't actually have a skirt like this so HAD to have it! 50p

My nan actually bought me this! I am sitting in this right now whilst writing this blog! A huge comfortable wool cardigan! 50p

And last but not least a Vintage Long Sleeved Shirt! 50p

I would say I had a pretty successful day for only having £10!

Do any of you go to Car Boot sales?!




  1. Wow amazing skirts for only 10p ?! Can't believe it, great bargains!!



    1. I know right! Can't beat a good Car Boot sale!! Xx

  2. You got some lovely things for SO little, those shoes are so cute

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog

  3. Those skirts are amazing, great blog you have here by the ways, keep up the good work m'dear


    1. Yeah! I can't wait for Winter to really kick in to wear my wool one! And Thankyou! <3


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