28 December 2014

2015 Resolutions!

Hello! I have barely posted recently and there is a reason! I have been working super hard in my new job and as I am only a Christmas temp I have been hoping they will keep me on after New Year so all my energy is going into that! I was up at 3:30am this morning so if that doesn't count for something I don't know what will! Anyway seen as Christmas is over I have been thinking about the new year and how it will be 100 times better than this! If I am truly honest this year was awful! I won't go into why but I will be super happy to see the back of it and all the stressful times I have had I am certain 2015 will be my year. Me and Mell want to move in together in our own flat and plan the future, I will keep my job and hopefully get good enough hours to support myself and grow as a person! I am still only a baby I am 19 and to me I still have a lot to learn from how to handle my money to what not to eat! I never stick to New Year resolutions but I think just having them in your mind even if you don't stick to them is good.
1. Keep my job.
How this is a resolution I don't know but it's something I want in 2015 and I am going to put that out there! I like my job and can see myself working there full time so fingers crossed they see potential in me!
2. Get my own place with Mell
Yes okay I am debt from Uni. Aren't we all?! I am not going to let this stop me I want to move things on with Mell and getting our own place just talking about it excites me! I loved having our own space earlier this year in my student flat and I miss it so much!!
3. Be wise with my money
In other works DONT spend it all in one go. I want to learn how to pay my bills, stay alive and treat myself!
I am not going to make more than 3 I probably won't even stick to 1 but in the past all my resolutions where like "Don't eat chocolate" I mean come on, I'm a girl. We all need chocolate at at least one time in the month! I am going to make sure though that 2015 is better than this. I feel like I have grown so much this year and learnt a lot about adult hood!
Here is to 2015!
Have you set yourself any resolutions?


29 November 2014

November Payday Haul!

Hello! Long time no see! I am sorry I have been off my blog so much the last week I was juggling two jobs and now have quit one and can focus more on my new job and blog! As most people know we got paid Friday and what better way to do spend pay day than to spoil yourself! I ran straight to Superdrug and spent way to much!!

I have been really treating myself to nail polish from having none a month ago I have grown quite the collection and of course I had to grow it even more! Lucky for me (or maybe not so lucky) if you spent over £6 on Barry M products you got the new Jingle Bells polish free! I decided to get a top/bottom coat as I think this really helps keep my nail polish on longer, Raspberry and Bright Red. Seen as it is near Christmas I wanted some darker colors and the obvious bright Red and Jingle Bells for Christmas Day!


14 November 2014

Cosmopolitan Goody Bag Review!


12 November 2014

14 October 2014

REX Liverpool

Hello! You may or may not know I come from Liverpool! The city full of culture, shopping, sight seeing and of course The Beatles! I'm not a huge lover of some of the things in Liverpool but when it comes to Independent Vintage shops on Bold street or the fairly new Independent Card that launched in 2013 I can't help but love the passion these people put into their business! And recently a new shop 'REX Liverpool' opened!
This is Liverpool's first independent Box and Concept store selling products ranging from Art Work, Baby Clothes, Jewellery even coffee! 
The great thing is everything REX sell are from independent retailers offline, a lot of things are unique like the makeup bags or the baby clothes! Amazing quality and something you couldn't get in the likes of Primark across the street! 

One thing that I loved was that they have Liverpool's youngest entrepreneurs selling in there! Angel is an 11 year old girl saving up for Vet school and she makes dog clothes! Safe to say they are adorable!! (Her link below!)The shop is just under Rapid in the city center so quite hidden away but when you know it's there you have to visit! The interior is completely wooden giving the room an amazing smell and a really unique independent look you wouldn't get walking into a well known branded shop! The staff are really happy and friendly and you couldn't fault a thing!
If you are ever in or around Liverpool I think this shop is a definite to visit! Not just for the amazing products inside but to support such an independent shop!
All pictures below were taken by REX Liverpool!

REX Liverpool

21 August 2014

My LUSH Favorites

 Hey Guys! I have wanted to start a blog for a while but was never sure how to start, where to start, what to say/do! But I am finally cracking on and writing about what I love which is Fashion, Beauty, Hair etc!  If you know me well you will know I love LUSH and I am always wanting to try new things from the shop so I thought what a better way to start than by telling you what I love and things I would definitely recommend! 

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